Greetings Fellow Doc Wellness Formula™ Loyalists & Future Loyalists,

I wanted to take the time to write a very candid, non biased first hand personal testimony on Doc Wellness Formula™, Dezine Management, and the man, myth, legend and true miracle behind it all, Dr. David Orman.


Being an avid weight lifter for 10+ years, a former personal trainer, a nutritionist, and expert in bodybuilding supplementation, I had always been curious about adding HGH supplementation to my workout regiment. I had read so many things about HGH, reviewed so many articles, tried to grasp an understanding and wrap my hands around both the point of view’s of both HGH’s fans and foes. In November 2010, I decided to take all the reading I had done, all the opinions I had absorbed and formulate a plan as to which HGH I would include into my regiment that would best give me the optimum results I was looking for without any unwanted and un-needed side effects that take away from any gains that can be achieved.


I embarked on a tedious journey online to find the best HGH supplement for me in my life. I used google, Web MD, Bodybuilding Sites, etc. What I found was copius amounts of MARKETING / ADVERTISING campaigns smothering several web pages, all leading to a link where I could purchase the product being MARKETED / ADVERTISED. With the company’s colorful layout, bold print, video webinars and video testimonies from physician’s themselves talking about how GREAT the product is, and how it can give you the same results as supposed actors, celebrities and athletes followed by photos of these famous people in various poses and positions highlighting their abs, arms, overall physique and even vascularity as was the case with a very intimidating picture of Rocky himself, Sylvestor Stallone. These websites went on to say things like: “as seen on Oprah”, or ” as seen on Good Morning America”, etc. My first impression was, wow, these companies obviously spend the majority of their money on the one thing that not only jumped, but stampeded off the web page and knocked me down when I read them, MARKETING / ADVERTISING. To me, this is more than a massive red flag, it screams ploy for you to spend your hard earned money on a product in which more money is being spent on MARKETING / ADVERTISING by the manufacturer, rather than the actual science it’s self, the purity of the product, the pharmacology of it, the pharmacodynamics/pharmacokinetics of the drug as researched and studied for several years in a scientific lab by a Doctor him/herself that has dedicated and devoted their career on inventing and creating the best mix of ingredients to perfect the best HGH Releaser supplement on the market.

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These web pages completely turned me off and I decided to go a different route. What I did was google physicians themselves who are directly associated with studying HGH. This search brought me to Dr. David Orman and Doc Wellness Formula™. Dezine Management, the company which manufactures his product was all about the SCIENCE and PHARMACOLOGY of the supplement, not about the hype, marketing or advertising jumping or should I say “stampeding” off the page. Dr Orman talked about why his product is pure, how it is more easily digested and gets into your bloodstream more effectively, as being in liquid grain form, it’s bioavailability is way superior to supplements which come in pill or tablet form. Pills and tablets have to pass through your liver and kidneys as this secretes much of the bioavailability and effectivess of the ingredients in the supplement which in turn leads to less of the supplement actually getting into your bloodstream. Dr. Orman talks about when/why to take Doc Wellness Formula™, how your body functions at day and night in direct correlation with how the supplement will work best in the human body. The web page goes on to explain the many years Dr. Orman has been in HGH research, the fact he has had a product on the market longer than any other HGH Releaser to date that shows best in class results. There aren’t too many reviews all over the web on Doc Wellness Formula™, not too many user’s experiences with it, no flood of direct links to purchase the product. You know why?

Because Dr. Orman and Dezine Management don’t spend the majority of their money on MARKETING / ADVERTISING!!!! They spend their money on research and development. If a product is all over the internet, if there are several links leading to where you can make a purchase, and mass amounts of people have reviews on it, it’s all about the benjamins and bottom line for the manufacturer and less about the actual results of the consumer and beneficiary. I even took one of the few people to have a testimony on Doc Wellness Formula™’s website, googled him, facebooked him, and found him out in sunny CA. I emailed him through his place of employment and the next day, he called me back and we spoke about his success using Doc Wellness Formula™ for the 10 or so years he has been supplementing it. I wanted to make sure he was a real person with real results and genuine passion. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t a paid spokesperson for the company. I highy suggest doing what I did and taking the extra step to contact the people personally who leave their testimonies. Google them, Facebook them, email them, do the research to find them!!!!

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I wanted to add a few other supplements with Doc Wellness Formula™ recently and I called Dezine Management to inquire about the benefits/risks of stacking it with something else. I left a VM as the office was closed for the holiday weekend. I received a call yesterday (5/31/2011) at around 5pm EST from Dr. David Orman himself, as he was more than willing to take the time to speak with me about all the questions and concerns I had with Doc Wellness Formula™ in regard to stacking it with other supplements for certain fitness goals. We spoke for about a half hour and he gave me both his professional and personal advice on certain ingredients within fat burners that could possibly damage my adrenals over time. He made me think and he made me re-evaluate my regiment for the healthiest most effective results oriented lifestyle possible in my young life. I have since eliminated certain supplements from my regiment and added others from his candid advice. After our conversation, he didn’t ask me for my credit card or bill me for the talk either in any way, shape or form!!!


Since paying for a 2 year supply of Doc Wellness Formula™ so I don’t have to worry about it every month, I get it like clockwork in my mailbox consistently and smoothly. My strength gains have been unbelievable, I’m 5’6”, 160 and I used to struggle with just 1 rep of 225 lbs. Now I can get 4 reps easily with 225 lbs. This is not extreme, but it’s real raw results which I’m more than pleased with. I sleep deeper than ever before, my dreams are so vivid and so very real. I can literally feel the ground beneath my feet in my dreams, it’s crazy. I have more energy and and more drive to obtain fitness goals I set out for myself, due to the fact I see better and better results in the mirror each time I exercise and lift weights. The more results you actually physically see, the more success you have, the more motivated and passionate you will be!!!!!


In conclusion, see for yourself. Do the research, take the necessary time to compare and contrast Doc Wellness Formula™ with others on the market. Contact the people who leave testimonials. If after doing everything you can to track them down you still can’t find them, their email, Facebook page, etc, chances are they are either a paid spokesperson or simply don’t truly exist, a mere figment of your imagination. Whether you reach out to me which I wholeheartedly welcome, or you reachout to someone else, as a potential consumer of the product or an ongoing loyalist of Doc Wellness Formula™, you need to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and do your homework to make sure the product your purchasing and the manufacturer your purchasing from is legit and best in class at what they do and how they do it!!!!! Last but certainly not least, be patient, and have the faith and belief in your own individual unique ability to not only succeed but exceed all your personal fitness goals. Consistently and constantly raise the bar for yourself, challenge yourself and your ability to overcome all your fitness goals and objectives.

Try Doc Wellness Formula™ for at least a few months, see what your body says to you, listen to your body, see how you change, and find the confidence to become a believer in both Dr. David Orman, Dezine Management, Doc Wellness Formula™ and most importantly YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tad Zimmermann

Detroit, MI

(203) 285-5099